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Who We Are

About Insurance One Agency

Insurance One Agency, LLC was formed in 1992 by the merging of several firms and now operates out of 15 offices throughout Texas with over $75 million in annual premium. The managing partners of Insurance One average close to 40 years of experience, positioning Insurance One to be a leader in the insurance industry, dedicated to providing superior insurance products and cost effective risk management consulting to businesses and individuals.

Who We Are: 

We are one of the largest and most diversified insurance agencies in Texas. Our focus is on your bottom line and making sure that you have the right type and amount of coverage. We want to do what is best for your nonprofit, church or business so that you are protected and can focus on your mission, ministry or products and services. We are not focused on short term profits. This strategy has helped us become a trusted and long term partner for a diverse client base. 

Our focus on nonprofits and churches has developed a culture of service and stewardship that carries over to our relationship with our commercial business clients. We serve many new and emerging organizations as well as large organizations that are known regionally, state-wide and nationally. Your success and sustainability is important for the clients and customers that rely on you, your church members, your investors and donors, your staff and the entire community. 

We believe that we earn your insurance business continually. In others words, we don’t just earn your business to add a new account; we believe that earning your business is an ongoing effort. 

Our Approach:

  • Assess your organization, assets and business processes
  • Evaluate your current insurance coverage and limits
  • Recommend an insurance package after an extensive review and marketing your needs to our many insurers
  • Partner with you to manage risk and make sure our insurance packages evolve and keep pace with the growth and changes in your nonprofit, church or business

Trusted Choice:

  • Dependability is key to trust in any relationship and a core value for us
  • Responsiveness to your needs
  • Integrity is a cornerstone in developing valuable and long term relationships
  • Personal Attention is what you need, deserve and can expect from us
  • Experienced Customer Support Team is in place and a key to our focus on having the capacity to deliver our best for you

Thank you,
The Staff & Management
Insurance One Agency

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    601 Embassy Oaks, Suite 101
    San Antonio, TX 78216
    Office: 210-402-0288
    Fax: 210-402-4032

    Note: As stated in our "Terms of Service" (TOS) agreement, descriptions of insurance coverage on this web site are for informational purposes only and may not apply, or be included on your policy. Please contact us to confirm coverage provided on your insurance policy or policies your are contemplating purchasing.

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